About us


We at Maxim Lifestyle are two enthusiastic, fanatic sporting and old top-sporting entrepreneurs who have one goal together: make the Netherlands healthier!

Since November 2020, Maximum Lifestyle has been working full of dedication to create one of the purest and most tasty supplements that the Netherlands has to offer. Our dedication to quality and sustainability is unparalleled, and that is why we produce all our products entirely in the Netherlands, according to our own recipes, with exclusively Dutch/German raw materials and 100% natural aromas.

We believe in delivering high -quality supplements that not only promote your well -being, but also reflect our dedication to Dutch quality and craftsmanship.

Tommy Johansson

Co-founder / sales / product development

Former USA College Football Athlete
3th Black calls Judo

Ole Johansson

Co-founder / Logistics / Marketing

Former Semi-Pro golfer